Topic 1 Reflection on your business and objectives

The first step in this module requires self reflection. Most of us are often too close to our own business we forget what the core purpose or output is, we often get blinded by the details and do not consider fully the reason why people will buy our product or service, we should remember that the purpose of a business is to identify a need and provide a product or service to meet that need.

Imagine you have met a stranger in a café and they ask you to describe your business

Activity 1

Describe your business in no more that 2 sentences, keep reflecting on this description and continually refer back to it when assessing the market place you are in and developing your strategy 

Continued referral to this will also assist you in the development of your marketing plan

Take your time in developing the description of your business as it is essential when developing a clear strategic plan

Do not move onto to Topic 2 until you are happy with your business description.