Inova Consultancy Ltd – United Kingdom

Inova Consultancy Ltd (UK) provides a flexible consultancy service that responds to organisations and individuals’ needs internationally in the areas of diversity, equal opportunities, and entrepreneurship. Inova has specialist experience in the development and delivery of coaching and mentoring programmes in the UK and on an international level for women in a range of fields, including entrepreneurship, management and STEM. Inova’s employees and associates combine experience and qualifications in organisational development, psychology, mentoring and coaching and bringing in best practices from across Europe to assist organisations and individuals in the field of personal and business development.

The Consultancy Academy Ltd - United Kingdom

Founded in 2008, The Consultancy Academy has 2 divisions. The Consultancy Academy, which writes and delivers business development programmes, many of which have been commissioned by International organisations such as Erasmus, UKCES and the European Bank, in the areas of Business Development, Strategy, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, targeted primarily at SME businesses. These programmes are academically underpinned but delivered and ‘brought to life’ by practitioners. Conac, the Consultancy Division of the Consultancy Academy, is Business Consultancy, that has brought together a network of high achieving business professionals who offer businesses strategic advice on how to further develop their operations.

Center for Social Innovation – Cyprus

Center for Social Innovation (CSI) is a Research and Development organization, which focuses on fostering social innovation that can bring about a positive change to local, national, regional, and global entities. These entities include but are not limited to governments, local administrative agencies, non-for-profit agencies, commercial entities, and educational institutions. The CSI team is composed of open-minded, fully equipped researchers, entrepreneurs, project managers, trainers, and Information Technology specialists. CSI encompasses the capability and capacity to identify social needs, design and implement adjusted initiatives, and provide for sustainable growth. The CSI team's areas of expertise are in the fields of traditional education and e-learning, entrepreneurship, start-ups, innovation, creativity, negotiations, IP advisory services, social responsibility, business advisory solutions, data analytics, information technologies, project management, project evaluation services, product validation, training and computer gaming. CSI draws know-how and skills from its wide global network, which includes academic institutions, IT companies, public services,international organizations, start-ups, and public services.

Inova Aspire B.V. - Netherlands

Inova Aspire provides consultancy services in the area of entrepreneurship, career development and education, with a focus on diversity and promoting equal opportunities. In particular, our work has focused on supporting those who are disadvantaged, under-represented, or who face particular challenges to fulfil their potential in a professional setting. We work with a wide target group for which we provide a variety of training and support programmes and support others to become self-employed entrepreneurs, particularly those from a disadvantaged background. This includes NEET young people, those aged 50+, women, lone parents, those from a migration background, or those from other backgrounds that may experience disadvantages. We have extensive experience in the development and delivery of trans-national projects, dissemination, mainstreaming of provision, and evaluation and work with partners across the European Union. Our programmes use coaching and mentoring to develop the ‘soft skills’ needed to be successful in business. We provide one to one coaching, workshops and Enterprise/Career/Mentoring Circles™ Our Circles are a series of products developed by Inova which combine mentoring, coaching and action learning to support individuals to reflect on and develop either a new or existing business, change or progress in their career or consider their personal life goals. This methodology was recognised by The University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom as a successful programme for the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Fh Joanneum Gesellschaft Mbh – Austria

FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft m.b.H. (FHJ) is a University of Applied Sciences with ca. 4.000 students. It has an international network of partner institutions in different educational sectors and within several industries. With its highly specialized degree programmes offered at university level in the areas of international business & technology, information engineering, mobility, media and design, social services and public health, FHJ is one of Austria's leading Universities of Applied Sciences. The university has well developed R&D centres, which work – in cooperation with international partners – on a multitude of projects. The R&D centre of the Institute of International of Management has coordinated and participated in 70+ EU-funded project and company projects. Their fields of research expertise are in (social, corporate, female) entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship, university-business cooperation, development of innovative training approaches, regional development, intercultural competences, marketing and Internationalization of Higher Education. FHJ is also the Austrian partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the largest study on entrepreneurship of its kind.