IO1: Creating an Inclusive Business delivery for Microbusinesses – A Framework Report

This Framework Report is the result of a series of activities undertaken during the initial stages of the Inclusive Business Launch Pad project, including desk research, interviews and focus groups. The report has been developed in order to understand different national contexts and the challenges that entrepreneurs and microbusiness owners are facing, in relation to accessing support and training, and in growing their businesses. This report explores research conducted in the UK, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Austria, and will be used to support the development of the IBL Training Programme. 
framework report

IO2: Accelerator Business Launch Pad – The training program

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IO3: Business Launch Pad – Online Circles

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IO4: The Online Business Launch Pad: An online platform

Video Resources for Facilitators

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Learning Pills – The Creative Process

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Learning Pills – Goal Setting

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Learning Pills – Coaching Circles Philosophy

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Learning Pills – Get the Most from your Circle

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Learning Pills – Learning Cycle

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