Topic 1: Positive Psychology for Business

What businesses do you think flourished during the Covid pandemic?

Businesses need to adapt to change and sometimes at very short notice! How does your business adapt to change? Is change seen as a challenge or a catastrophe? Many communities came together during the pandemic, many businesses found new ways to operate and to meet the needs of their customers, many diversified. The businesses that remained positive, resourceful and resilient, thrived much more than the ones finding it difficult to move out of their comfort zone. Can you think of businesses that successfully operated during the pandemic? Certainly, online shopping became the “New Normal” for many who had never tried it before! The ones that were successful and the ones that continue to be successful, very likely operate using positive psychology in their business.

You can teach yourself and your team to be resourceful and resilient and to use positive psychology at work. Having this approach will aid your business. The more resourceful and resilient you and your team are, the more you will flourish. The more you implement this approach into your everyday life, the more you will reap the benefits.

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What is Positive Psychology?