Topic 3: Business Agility

Business Agility helps to instill a culture of continued learning for yourself and your team. Even before the pandemic, changes in global business and ways of working were fast paced. Certainly from a technological view, the pandemic speeded things up massively, with more people working from home, more people buying online and generally more people becoming more and more reliant on technological advances.

It was necessary to make changes for many organisations to survive. Being more flexible and business agility became more important. Beyond the pandemic, ensuring business agility, flexibility and being change focused remains on the agenda and remain key factors to positive change and transformation.

In the following video, Hemmerling discusses 5 imperatives for transformation.

  • Inspire through purpose
  • Go all in
  • Enable people
  • Instil a culture of learning
  • Inclusive Leadership

Implementing these into your own business will support positive change and make your business more resilient.

Business Agility – will help you to respond to change and help you to transform your business when the needs arise. So, as we have seen, this could be as simple as embracing technology. Are your products online? Are you using a range of methods to promote your products and your business? Business agility will help your business to grow and support transformation.

As Hemerling says in the video, have a leadership style that puts people first – that way they will be happy to share their ideas for the business and will not fear change and transformation. Listen to your staff and listen to your customers and always give credit, where credit is due. Have an inclusive approach to leadership and your team can play a part in any transitions.

Business Agility – will put you in a strong position if there are any unexpected changes. You and your team will be able to respond in a positive way and learn to embrace change rather than fear it.