Module 2 Resources and Capabilities

Learning Objectives

During this module you will now look at your business from the inside out. You will begin by critically analysing your companies resources and capabilites wether that means your own ( if you are a sole trader) and the resources that you use , or the capabilites of your team. We will then use Porters value chain to identify what resources and capabilites add value to your product or services and if you have the resources and capabilites to meet the needs of your customers and market place. You will critically asses the activities you conduct within your bsuienss to indetify which ones add TRUE value to your product or service and which are necessary evils or just unnecessary.

Next we will turn our attention to our potential competitors in the market to identify what they offer and how our product or service compares to theirs, are we in a strong or weak relative position, do we need to make changes and rethink our positioning?

Combining the resource and capability analysis and the copetitor analysis we will then look to identify what market strategy is most suiable for our given business using The Ansoff Matrix.

Finally having created a market launch plan we will then run a diagnotics test to see if the plan is Feasbale, Acceptable and Suitable to ensure we give the plan the best chance of success.


Additional Learning Objectives

Having created a robust market entry plan there are a couple of additonal tools we feel are essentail to assist in a successful market entry / business growth.

These include;

  • Basic Strategy testing process
  • Basic negotation skills.

We will provide some simple techniques in which to improve your plans’ chances of success focusing on these 2 factors.