Topic 1: Target audience and how to communicate with them.

Understanding your audience

  • Who is your audience (what do they do, why are they here, what is important to them, what do they want to learn, what problems do they want to solve?)
  • What do you want your audience to know/do?
  • Structure the presentation like a story (beginning, middle, and end.). Ex. Start with a problem, go over it in the middle and try to solve it at the end. Common ground with audience.
  • Hero’s journey technique, tedtalk powerful, inspire audience to take action, and make change (ex. Personal story)
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Audience involvement

  • Telling a memorable story can be also interactive between them, asking questions, open discussion.
  • Engage the audience, hold their attention and imagination
  • Next step design the presentation easier.

Storyboard your presentation

  • Visualize the structure of the story & organize the ideas.
  • Plan and develop each point and visual in the presentation
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How to storyboard

  • Grab a pen and a paper list the main points of the story/presentation,
  • Then write main points or concept at the top of each sheet paper
  • Under that, write your notes and sketch a visual to support it
  • Gold rule: use visuals that supplement and support your story (use a chart or a graph to present data, add a video to pitch your brand
  • Use a key word or an image rather than an empty slide
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